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Chemical Guys TORQ R5 Rotary Red Backing Plate 75mm

Chemical Guys TORQ R5 Rotary Red Backing Plate 75mm
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Цена: 20.97€ 12.58€
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Модел: Подложка
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Chemical Guys TORQ R5 Rotary Red Backing Plate 75mm with Hyper Flex Technology is a backing plate suitable for all TORQ Rs with M14 thread and 3" / 75 mm diameter, as well as for other manufacturers and brands with the same thread. This high performance backing plate is made with the latest Hyper Flex technology made of special, very strong and impact-resistant, micro-urethane foam. The backing plate is durable, flexible and adapts very well to treated surfaces.
Ensures maximum contact with the surface, quickly responds to changes, easy manoeuvrability in tight spaces, saves time and energy for application.
It is very thin, has a coned reduced edge, resists higher temperatures, ensures long life with easy and accurate application.
Backing plate diameter is 3" / 75 mm and is suitable for all discs with a diameter of 3.5" - 4" / 85 - 100 mm.
For attachment of abrasive, polishing and application discs, the surface of the carrier is a velcro fastener, which has the maximum number of fasteners for fixed fixing of the disc on its surface. The TORQ R5 with Hyper Flex technology has a coned edge that is very elastic and accurately copies the treated surface. This easy adaptability to the surface reduces pressure and heat on the edges of the discs, thus reducing wear and damage to the discs. It is suitable for all grinding, polishing, application and cleaning work. For better reach of smallest, smallest and toughest places, the outside edge is sloping and has a much smaller profile than the body of the backing plate itself.
this innovative design saves time and energy during application
ideal for polishing lacquers, transparent plastic, glass and polished metals
suitable for every rotary polisher of any manufacturer and a mark that has a M14 thread diameter
made by the new Hyper-Flex technology from a dense, very durable foam that guarantees heat resistance and long service life
very light weight with high resistance and flexibility
it excels with maximum adaptability to all the more complex surface shapes- the thin profile at the edges of the backing plate allows perfect application even on difficult to reach and narrow surfaces
the elastic edge of the carrier prevents the formation of typical circles and holograms on the surface of the paint
a special velcro fastener allows easy attachment and removal of the discs. It has the maximum number of tabs that firmly fix the discs on the backing plate surface
professional processing and innovative design
For all kinds of rotary polishers with M14 thread.
1. Always disconnect the machine from the power supply before replacing the carrier.
2. Grab the polisher in your left hand (or right) according to your orientation just below the spindle.
3. With the thumb, push the rotation lock button located at the front of the spindle inwards.
4. Turn the left (or right) hand counterclockwise until the spindle is locked against rotation.
5. By an appropriate force by turning it counterclockwise, loosen the existing backing plate and unscrew it.
6. The backing plate installation technique is the same as rotating clockwise. WARNING: the rotation lock button must be pressed and secured again. For other models and different polishers follow the enclosed operating instructions and use the supplied hex key.
7. After having reached the spindle surface, the replacement carrier must be properly tightened.
8. After attaching it, place the selected disc on the surface of the backing plate with velcro fastener, so that it has an even edge overlap. This will prevent vibrations when rotating the polisher.
Pack: 1pc
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Chemical Guys TORQ R5 Rotary Red Backing Plate 75mm
Натиснете върху снимката за по-голям размер
Chemical Guys TORQ R5 Rotary Red Backing Plate 75mm
Натиснете върху снимката за по-голям размер
Chemical Guys TORQ R5 Rotary Red Backing Plate 75mm
Натиснете върху снимката за по-голям размер